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Zoffany PaintZoffany retains its commitment to the principles of quality, elegance and heritage. With its extensive range of wallpapers, fabrics, trimmings, paint, carpets and furniture, Zoffany continues to create fresh and innovative designs that offer a beautiful and sophisticated aesthetic for both contemporary and classic interior.

Zoffany paints and wallpaper

The new Zoffany paint palette comprises 128 colours and reflects the demand for subtlety in tone and the ability to match colour perfectly to the soft furnishings within the scheme. Tints of some of Zoffany’s most popular neutrals have been introduced to the range to give a wider and more comprehensive choice when decorating an interior. Try using a mix of tints from a colour group to to create a harmonious scheme or match with Zoffany wallpaper to create a stunning effect.

Eco friendly paints

Zoffany water based paints contain virtually no vocs (vollatile organic compounds that contribute to atmospheric pollution) and Zoffany oil based paints have been specifically formulated to reduce voc content. Therefore, all finishes contain levels below those directed by EU legislation, making Zoffany paint a sustainable choice without compromising on quality.


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