Farrow & Ball Paint

brushandpaintThe renowned Farrow & Ball colour palette is available in a full range of exterior finishes, allowing you to continue the distinctive Farrow & Ball look to the outside of your home and in your garden.

Farrow & Ball has been making paint in Dorset, England, one batch at a time since 1946 and remains one of only a few companies making a full range of traditional and modern paint finishes of the highest quality.

From small beginnings, the company rapidly established a reputation for quality which won it important contracts for the supply of paint to the Admiralty and the War Office. During the post-war period, while virtually all other paint manufacturers abandoned traditional formulations and switched to cheaper acrylic paints with a high plastic content, this privately owned company stuck to its craft and continued making paint to its original formulations, using the finest raw materials.

Farrow & Ball was always appreciated by a loyal group of customers, and with the revival of interest in restoration and historic colours twenty years ago, its reputation began to spread. Since the turn of the century, Farrow & Ball has been discovered by discerning customers in countries across the world, all of whom appreciate the unique Farrow & Ball look.

Today, Farrow & Ball remains independent and continues to produce paint and Farrow & Ball wallpaper from the same small town in Dorset. The range has been enhanced over the years and now offers customers an unrivalled range of elegant decorative and architectural paint finishes, along with an extraordinary collection of artisanal wallpapers made using real Farrow & Ball paints.

Seymour Interiors, as Farrow & Ball stockists, hold a large selection of colours in all finishes. But please remember, it is impossible for us to have everything in stock.

However, with that said, our Farrow & Ball orders are placed every Tuesday at 4pm and arrive Thursday late afternoon. Feel free to call us on 01629 826622.


Farrow & Ball Paints