Mr Perswall Wallpaper

Mr Perswall Wallpaper

Mr Perswall manufacture photo wallpapers, wall coverings and wall murals. The patterns and designs in Mr Perswall’s collections cover the full range, from photographs and illustrations to specially-designed wallpaper patterns.

Mr Perswall work with everyone from Hasselblad award winners to local amateur photographers, oil painters, famous names and graphic designers such as Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood, Tricia Guild and Hanna Werning, as well as bus shelter graffiti artists to create stunning wallcoverings.

Mr Perswall wallpapers suitable for most applications, feature walls, ceiling and door decoration and so on. All the wallpapers are made at their factory in Borås, Sweden.

Easy-up wallpapers

All Mr Perswall wallpapers are easy-up wallpapers, which means that they are printed on a quality-assured non-woven material. The wallpaper is made from wood pulp with added textile fibres to make the wallpaper strong, dimensionally stable and easy to hang (as the name EasyUp implies, this wallpaper is simple to hang – you paste the wall instead of the paper).

Fire retardant wallpaper

Mr Perswall wallpapers are fire retardant and meet the latest British Government safety regulations.

Mr Perswall Wallpaper