Borastapeter Wallpaper

Boråstapeter is Sweden’s oldest and by far best-known and best-selling brand of wall coverings. Boråstapeter Wallpapers are filled with classic, timeless Swedish design.

Boråstapeter wallpapers have a heritage feel, yet, they are in alignment with contemporary colours and styles. The wallpapers in the Boråstapeter wallpaper collections add charm and comfort to your home.

Environmentally friendly

Boråstapeter’s never-ending source of inspiration is nature. That’s why Borastapeter have a genuine concern for the environment. Borastapeter use old-fashioned printing methods alongside new and efficient manufacturing processes and only use water-based dyes and adhesives, sourcing their paper from environmentally-friendly paper mills with a re-planting programme.

Simple to hang

Boråstapeter wallpapers are what are called easy-up wallpapers, which means that they are incredibly simple to hang. And they withstand just about anything.

Fire resistant wallpapers

Boråstapeter Wallpapers last for years – whether they’re on walls bathed in sunlight or continually having to contend with small artists’ fingerprints. The wallpapers are also fire-resistant.

Boråstapeter Wallpaper